Weekend at Spotify learning product development

I was lucky to be chosen as one of the top 40 tech talents to get to attend a full weekend learning about product development and prototyping at Spotify HQ.


In November 2015, I had the opportunity to be invited to a whole weekend at Spotify's office to learn about how they do product development. Since my dream job pretty much is about product development I obviously couldn't say no. So off I went, to a full-packed weekend together with 39 other students to learn (even) more about prototyping, user research and concept development.

We had super interesting speaks about many areas within product development and it was a long time ago since I took so many notes. In between these speaks we were also supposed to develop our own concept for an app, using the methods we learnt. So we did brainstorming, developed a concept together in small groups and used different prototyping tools. We also did quick user tests with people out on the streets to learn what about our concept that was unclear and what people didn't understand in the UI. Super fun! They also spoiled us with a lot of good food and beers!

Here's some pictures of me and my team presenting our idea, developing the concept and just mingling around having fun!