Learning After Effects

A few days staying home with fever gives more time to learn animations with After Effects. I came up with a variant of a to-do app I wanted to visualise. I have used Affinity Designer (it's like Sketch or Illustrator but I think it's way better than both) and then After Effects to animate it all. And the learning of today must be: keep control over your layers and it will save you tonnes of time. It's not perfect but it's my first animated UI so it's ok!

As you understand I am pretty new in using After Effects, so if you have tips on what I can do better or if you now some good youtube clips - please share!

Personally, I think that a UX/UI designer definitely should have  knowledge within graphic design and interaction animations, to make sure that the holistic experience is awesome. And working at small companies, which I'm aiming for, the chance that you will work with all different design fields are pretty big. Therefore, I am trying to learn these things!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! 


Helena SteningComment