How we make the tech industry a bit more equal

As I've mentioned before, I'm engaged voluntarily in an organisation called Pepp Sthlm, where I am a part of the Project Team. We arrange a mentor program where 25 girls from upper secondary school (gymnasiet) gets a mentor, a women from KTH: Royal School of Technology. You find us here: Pepp Sthlm.

But, why do I do that?

It's very simple. Basically, there is not enough women studying engineering. We, as the habitants of the world, have some serious problems lying ahead of us. These requires a diversity of problem solvers, which we unfortunately don't have today. Therefore, we need to have more women in the field of technology! And that is just one reason for that, here's a nice infographic on the subject .

We give young women role models within the field. Someone they can identify themselves with. Hopefully, they'll get the insight that tech is something that is for women as well! We also arrange fun events for all these 50 women, last week we were at the consultant company Alten and had an event with the theme "What does an engineer actually do?". We tried out a 3D-printer, a CAD program and case solving for temperature efficiency in buildings. 

Of course this is not even 1% of what engineers do at their jobs. Below is a picture of me talking about some of the other areas an engineer can engage within.

And cred to Emma Klint, our awesome photography and AD in the Project Team. Hope you all have a really nice Sunday! 


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