What i love about autumn and Stockholm Tech Fest

Hi all,
Thought it was time for a new update! A few months have past and I have had amazing experiences, working as a UX design intern at the startup company Watty during my first summer in Stockholm. But I'll talk more about that another time.

Now I want to talk about what I love about the autumn. There is so many things kicking off, so many fun events, meetups and projects. It feels like every one had had time to rest and be inspired and when they come back after vacation they turn this into really fun things! Love it!

We are about to start Pepp up for autumn as well! This week, I signed two new collaboration partners for us and I'm really curious to se what we can do together! It's going to be a really inspiring couple of months ahead for us in the project group of Pepp Sthlm and also everyone involved in the program as a Mentor or Mentee! 

Last week I visited Sthlm Tech Fest, one of many nice initiative to kick off the autumn with! It was really nice with all the start-ups pitching and the whole atmosphere with the "unicorn factory" approach. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed on the speeches and panel discussions on stage. I was most interested in the "Future of Product + Design" one, but I felt it all was a bit unprofessional and not very interesting, so that was a bit sad!

During Sthlm Tech Fest there were some really nice moments as well! I enjoyed listening to Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify. It's always interesting to get a peek into a great founder's mind. We also met Prince Daniel and introduced him to Pepp and gave him some tips on how to get Estelle interested in tech. See picture below!

   Me, Frida, Sara and Ajje from Pepp Sthlm talking to Prince Daniel!


Me, Frida, Sara and Ajje from Pepp Sthlm talking to Prince Daniel!


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