Insightful: Project to learn prototyping with Craft

To learn more ways of prototyping I decided to learn Craft, a plugin for Sketch created by InVision. I created this prototype in June 2016, and the film is quickly showing how to use Craft and how the end result became.


Here is a short film showing the prototype I created, from an app idea I came up with. I created both the sketch documents and the actual prototype to learn, so there is no user research involved in this project. It's also shortly covering how to use Craft in Sketch. Enjoy! 

Update, I used Craft BETA here, which they unfortunately stoped develop earlier 2017, so I don't think its possible to create input fields any more.


The process

Even if this was a very short project with the only goal to learn craft, I still included some parts of the design process.

0. The why

I want to try out prototyping with Craft Beta, with a fairly simple idea that can make me focus on the tool rather than the concept. Also, I love and have thought a lot lately about the concepts of "insights" rather than "notes". It could mean that you learnt something, that you are embracing an idea or getting to know yourself a bit more. So I wanted to create something with that.

1: The what

I listed what I wanted to create (OBS not based on any interviews or user research just my thoughts)


2. The how

I started to structure thoughts on different ways of solving "the what's", starting with a list and quickly sketching up some pen and paper wireframes.

Goal Copy.png

Concept explanations

1: A list grouped into categories (that are expandable). Additional feature might be to add a insight right under inside the expanded category (brings you to the tab New insight). The second tab New insight includes a headline, a text field and a selection of which folder t should be placed in.

2: A Content carousel categorised in same way as concept 1, might give overview in a better way and here a random generated(?) background could help visually find your insight note.

3: A list only based ordered in time, including tags instead. Then this also need a feature of filter insights depending on tags when looking for a insight.

Continue developing 1 concept

I choose to continue to develop concept 3, together with the tag-system rather than categories. This was also only based on what I thought was most simple in order to try out Craft, and based on my opinions only. In a real scenario this would have been evaluated in a more extensive way preferable by user research and testing.


Things to consider in the next step

How to add a new tag / delete a tag?
- The filter function: how to filter tags in the list view? 
- What is under the settings tab? Is it needed?
- Does the chips need a re-design so it is more clear what Is marked and what is not marked?
- Does it need to be more clear when in "edit mode" vs. "view mode" - they are quite similar atm
- Visual style: now it is very white and does not really have a brand