UX Design intern @ Watty

During the summer 2015 I worked as a UX Designer at the start-up company Watty, where I helped out with user research, concept development and UX/UI design. Watty uses Machine Learning-algorithms to break down aggregate energy data into its components.  And this data we need to display to the user in an easy, understandable and motivational iOS application.


Extended portfolio piece here.

Pictures of some of the concept I developed and designed;
(all design sketches on this page are done by me in sketch)


More about Watty and my role:
Every appliance in your home has a certain behaviour and usage pattern, which is reflected in the total energy usage data. This data we wanted to display to the user in an easy, understandable and motivational way. Starting completely from scratch with the mobile application, I begun my internship transcribing around 25 h contextual interview material. The first User Researcher started only a few weeks before me and had spent all her time doing interviews when I started. Luckily, I also got the opportunity to deep analyse the material and create both personas and requirement lists based on it, together with the full timer. Based on the insights around the users and user need I worked with every step from early analysis of user research to detailed design solutions for the iOS application. I worked close to the full time designer, our CEO and iOS developer. 

More pictures of concepts I developed and designed;


Even more about the project and my role in it;
A big part of our job was also to set up the process of the design work at the company, since there had been noon before. We did a lot of documentation, planning and reviewing of our process during the time we worked with the actual product development together with our CEO. I ended up getting a big responsibility of planning our design process and creating several high-fidelity conceptual sketches of different ways we could build up and design our iOS application - to get feedback from users, investors, coworkers and other stakeholders.